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Versatile Cooking Modes and Beautiful Design in BALMUDA Range

Microwave appliances have emerged as indispensable components within contemporary culinary spaces, offering expeditious and straightforward methods for preparing or reheating victuals. Nevertheless, the myriad options inundating the marketplace can render the task of selecting an appropriate device rather daunting. In this composition, we shall acquaint you with the BALMUDA Range K04A, a microwave contrivance impeccably suited for industrious connoisseurs seeking a multifaceted, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing apparatus capable of executing quotidian endeavors and intricate gastronomic undertakings.

Features and Benefits

Minimalist Design Accompanied by Multifaceted Culinary Capabilities
The unpretentious yet visually captivating design of the BALMUDA Range K04A renders it not merely an alluring addition to your kitchen, but also an efficacious implement for tackling elementary and intricate culinary endeavors. This appliance boasts a mode selector dial, facilitating the seamless transition between an array of cooking modalities such as automatic reheating, manual temperature adjustment, liquid refreshment settings, thawed rice preparation, and more. The BALMUDA Range K04A permits you to relish a diverse gastronomic journey devoid of convoluted controls or labyrinthine menu systems.

User-Friendly Features

  • BALMUDA Range K04A is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it easy to operate even for first-time users.
  • The display is clear and easy to read, showing you the selected mode and time remaining.
  • The oven also features a pleasant operation sound, which can make cooking a more enjoyable experience.

Enhancing Cooking Experience with Pleasant Operation Sound

  • The operation sound of BALMUDA Range K04A is not only pleasant but also practical, allowing you to know when your food is ready even if you are not in the kitchen.
  • The sound is produced by a series of beautifully crafted chimes, making the cooking experience more enjoyable and creative.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance for Convenience

  • BALMUDA Range K04A's flat interior makes it easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to keep your oven in good condition with minimal effort.
  • The oven is also designed with functional features, such as a sturdy and durable door handle, which adds to its convenience and reliability.


For those in pursuit of a microwave apparatus that facilitates the creation of delectable and refined cuisine without forsaking usability or elegant aesthetics, the BALMUDA Range K04A is an exemplary selection. Endowed with an array of adaptable cooking functionalities, uncomplicated and intuitive controls, agreeable operational acoustics, and a design that eases the cleaning process, the BALMUDA Range K04A emerges as the quintessential microwave contrivance for diligent professionals with a penchant for culinary exploration, desiring to enrich their kitchen endeavors with enjoyment and inventiveness.

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Specification/Feature Details
Capacity 18L
Maximum Oven Temperature 250°C
Heating Method Top and Bottom Heater (Single stage)
Dual Cooking Not available
Microwave Power 800W (max for 3 min)
Sensor Temperature sensor
Steam Generator Not available
Toast Menu Not available
Inner Shape Flat
Door Opening Direction Vertical
Required Installation Dimensions (Rear) Can be placed flush against the wall*
Required Installation Dimensions (Above) 10cm or more
Required Installation Dimensions (Left and Right) Can be placed flush against the left wall and 10cm or more from the right wall*
Power Supply Frequency 50/60Hz
Other Features 6 cooking modes (Automatic Warming, Manual Warming, Beverage Mode, Hot Frozen Rice Mode, Defrosting, and Oven Mode), Preheating available for Oven Mode, and Fermentation available for Oven Mode.

*Note: If the wall or furniture material is heat-resistant, the oven can be placed flush against it. If the wall is made of glass, leave a 20cm or more space between the oven and the wall.

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