Qrestia Inc

WAFUU is operated by Qrestia Inc, founded in 2016, which operates various e-commerce sites around the world to achieve its mission of "bringing the best of Japan to the world".

The head office is located in Shibuya, Tokyo, the center of fashion in Japan.

QRESTIA Inc is a global company creating world-wide business
by combining the advanced IT technology and sophisticated Web marketing insight.
Our passion is to develop business on a global scale from an international perspective.

We manage media by making full use of automatic system technology and statistics. We regard not only domestic but the world as one enormous market.

 The name QRESTIA is coined by our CEO Hidemasa Fukada.



Inspired by to 'Quest', 'Crest', and 'Quality','Frontier'.
We develop our business in high standard Quality which lead the team to the crest of industry.
And we wish our team members and clients to Quest their thoughts ant enjoy their lives.

Company Details

Location:8F VORT AOYAMAⅡ, 2-1-12 Shibuya, Tokyo, 1500002, Japan
Date Founded:2016 APRIL 1st
Capital Stock:6,000,000 JPY (As of March 2020)
Founder CEO:FUKADA HidemasaEmployees:17 (Included Regular, Contracted, and Part-time)
Partner Researchers 131 (As of March 2020)
Advisor:FUKUDA Etsuo of Shin-Yamato Tax Corporation
Main Bank(s):Resona Bank, Japan Net Bank
Cooperator:Japan Ministry of Defense
Suppliers:Yahoo Japan Corporation, Google LLC
PayPal Pte. Ltd., Payoneer Japan Ltd., Microsoft, PR TIMES, Inc., Facebook Japan Inc., Relo Club, LimitedLicenses:Registered Handler of Kanto Bureau of Telecommunications (Number: A-30-16812)
Third class license of Travel Industry (No.3−7426, Authorized by the Governor of Tokyo)
License of Antiques Trading (No.303301804206, Authorized by Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission)
Transportation:'SHIBUYA' Sta. by JR, Tokyo Metro, and other lines / 'OMOTESANDO' Sta. by Tokyo Metro

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