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Japanese hair dryers cannot be used because they are 100V. There are a few models in Japan, but they are compatible with international models.
If the voltage is compatible, we will introduce a few products that can be used by simply converting the outlet plug.

Hair dryer section
High-quality hair dryers produced by Japanese technology and high awareness of beauty are used by people and hair stylists all over the world.

This product is equipped with a variable switch to switch the voltage according to the place of use. It can be easily switched with the head of a key, for example.


Panasonic hair dryers are equipped with nanoe & mineral functions. The microscopic nanoe gives moisture to the hair and reduces swell.
One of the reasons hair loses its natural luster and smoothness is because it swells. The nanoe gives moisture to the hair and controls swell by adjusting the hair's moisture balance, leading to shinier hair that is easier to style.

Simply put, it is like being coated with nanoe & minerals.
Recommended for those who want to protect their hair from UV damage and friction damage such as brushing.

Size: 22.7 cm (height) X 22.2 cm (width) X 9.1 cm (depth)
Weight: Approx. 620g (excluding set nozzle)

Airflow rate of EH-NA9F
1.1㎥/min(AC100-200V at TURBO)
1.2 m3/min (at 120-240 VAC, TURBO)

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Panasonic International 100-120V/200-240V Hair Dryer EH-NA9F-RP


 2020 model

Quick-drying nozzle integrated with the main body
The key to Panasonic dryers' superior quick-drying performance is the quick-drying nozzle.

Wet hair is in bundles, but when air is applied to it with varying degrees of intensity, the bundles are quickly loosened, resulting in faster drying.
The quick-drying nozzle produces airflow of varying intensity.

In the 2020 EH-NA5B, the quick-drying nozzle is an accessory, and it is attached to the main unit when you want to use it.

Modes of EH-NA5B
Strong warm air (TURBO)
Weak warm air (SET)
Cold air(COLD)

Size: 21 cm (height) x 19.2 cm (width) x 8 cm (depth)
Weight: Approx. 545g (excluding quick-drying nozzle)

Airflow rate of EH-NA5B (without nozzle attached)
1.2 m3/min (at 100/200 VAC, TURBO)
1.4 m3/min (at 120/240 VAC, TURBO)

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Panasonic Hair Dryer Nano Care International Pale Pink EH-CNA5B-PP


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