ORIHIRO Nattokinase 2000FU 60 capsules

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content:60 capsules (340mg per capsule / 210mg content)Daily dosage (approximate):3 capsules / 20 daysType:Tablets (soft capsule)3 capsules per day contains the same amount of Nattokinase activity (2000FU) as 50g of...
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content:60 capsules (340mg per capsule / 210mg content)
Daily dosage (approximate):3 capsules / 20 days

Type:Tablets (soft capsule)
3 capsules per day contains the same amount of Nattokinase activity (2000FU) as 50g of natto (fermented soybeans)
No natto smell
No odor of natto
No natto smell
ProductsNattokinase Activity 2000FU is equivalent to 50g of natto (1 pack of natto) in 3 capsules. Nattokinase is a type of enzyme produced by Bacillus natto. This product is a soft capsule of extracted Nattokinase produced by Bacillus natto, and the odor is removed. Vitamin K2 contained in natto is also excluded. We hope you will use this product to support your daily healthy lifestyle and maintain your health.From AmazonNattokinase is a type of enzyme produced by Bacillus natto. This product contains 50g of Nattokinase produced by Bacillus natto in 3 capsules and is made into easy-to-swallow soft capsules. Nattokinase contained in natto is recommended for people who eat a lot of oily food or are concerned about their lifestyle. However, many people dislike natto because of its distinctive smell, taste, and sticky texture, making it difficult for them to continue taking it. This product is a soft capsule type that can be consumed without worrying about the peculiar smell and taste, so even those who do not like natto can easily use it every day. Many people are concerned about the texture and smell of natto, but this product uses odorless ingredients that have had their distinctive smell removed, so even those who are concerned about the smell of natto can use it with peace of mind.IngredientsSoybean oil (manufactured in Japan), Bacillus natto cultured extract powder (dextrin, Bacillus natto cultured extract)/gelatin, glycerin, glycerol fatty acid esters, beeswax, lecithin (from soybeans), turmeric colorDirections for useTake 3 capsules per day with water or hot water. If you feel discomfort in your throat, please drink more water. Please follow the recommended daily intake.Safety WarningsAfter opening the package, tightly close the lid and store in the outer box. Keep out of reach of children. Please note the date of opening. If the product does not suit your constitution or if you feel unwell, please discontinue use. If you are undergoing treatment for a disease or are pregnant or nursing, please consult your doctor before consumption. The color may vary from product to product, but there is no problem with quality. Do not use for children. ●The diet should be based on a staple meal, main dishes, and side dishes, and should be well-balanced.Caution (Disclaimer)> Please read carefully.Name of manager] Chika Ou / Tue~Sun 11:00~18:00 / 06-4703-3621
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