CASIO Living Environment Notice Wall Clock with Temperature/Hygrometer Silver ITM-650J-8JF

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main unit size: (approx.) 35.0 cm (H) x 35.0 cm (W) x 5.4 cm (D)Body weight: (approx.) 1500gMaterial: Resin, glassCountry of Origin:ChinaFunctions:Radio wave reception function (automatic/manual), temperature measurement display, humidity...
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main unit size: (approx.) 35.0 cm (H) x 35.0 cm (W) x 5.4 cm (D)
Body weight: (approx.) 1500g
Material: Resin, glass

Country of Origin:China

Functions:Radio wave reception function (automatic/manual), temperature measurement display, humidity measurement display, living environment notification function (icon display), calendar display
Power source: 2 x AA alkaline batteries (battery life approx. 1 year)
Accessories: Instruction manual, warranty card, 2 x AA alkaline batteries, wall hanging screws

ProductsA wall clock designed in collaboration with the Japan Weather Association that displays a rough guide to the room environment based on the balance of temperature and humidity measured by a sensor.Radio-controlled clock that does not require time settingThe environmental guideline is displayed in four types: "Comfortable," "Caution against colds," "Caution against mold and ticks," and "Caution against heat stroke.Digital display of time, calendar, temperature and humidity on a large LCD screenSimple design and full functions for use anywhere from the living room to the office.Safety WarningsThis watch is composed of precision electronic components. Avoid using, storing, or subjecting it to "extreme temperature conditions," "strong magnetic fields," or "strong vibrations," as well as "strong shocks.Do not use the product near a heater or in direct sunlight, as high temperatures may shorten battery life or cause malfunctions.Do not use the unit in a humid place such as a bathroom.Do not place the unit in the following places:

● On top of a TV set, etc. (the color of the TV screen may change.)

● On the floor, etc. On top of a TV set, etc. (This may cause uneven coloring on the TV screen.) Near watches, cash cards, floppy disks, prepaid cards, cassette tapes, etc.Extreme static electricity may cause incorrect display or damage to electronic components.

● Never attempt to disassemble the unit, as this will result in loss of accuracy and functionality.

●Wipe dirt with a soft dry cloth or a cloth soaked in neutral detergent and wrung out tightly. Never wipe with volatile oils such as thinner, benzene, or alcohol.This product can receive only Japanese standard radio waves. However, in rare cases, the watch may receive Japanese standard radio waves and automatically correct the time in Japan even if it is used in an area outside of Japan. When using the watch in regions other than Japan, turn off the radio wave reception function of the watch (i.e., do not operate the radio wave reception function).

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