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Butter Butler Butter Financier 12pcs

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Product Description The "Butter Butler" is a dessert where butter is the star, made from carefully selected butter from all over the world. It was born out of a desire...
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Product Description

The "Butter Butler" is a dessert where butter is the star, made from carefully selected butter from all over the world. It was born out of a desire to bring joy through butter-based sweets during a time of butter shortage at the time of its establishment in 2016. The Butter Butler Financier, a winner of the 1st "JR East Souvenir Grand Prix" Overall Grand Prix, is made with fermented butter from Europe and salt from Guerande, France. The surface of the financier is baked to a crisp, while the inside is moist and blissful. This "butter financier" is made with a recipe that includes two kinds of "European fermented butter" for a rich buttery flavor. The surface is baked to a golden brown, and the finishing touch is soaked in maple syrup from Quebec, Canada, for a moist texture. A little bit of Guerande salt from France is added to enhance the sweetness of the maple syrup. The result is a moist, savory texture and rich buttery flavor.

Product Specification

The Butter Butler is committed to three key areas: the butter itself, bringing out the full charm of the butter, and packaging. The butter used in Butter Butler's sweets is fermented butter from Europe, which is characterized by its high aroma and direct flavor compared to other butters. In order to fully enjoy the taste of butter through sweets, we have developed our products through trial and error, considering the state of the butter used, the combination of ingredients, shape, baking temperature and time. The packaging also embodies the concept of "making butter, which is usually a supporting role, the main character".


The Butter Butler is not just a dessert, but a celebration of butter. It is perfect as a souvenir or gift, but we recommend tasting it for yourself first. One bite and the rich sweetness will fill your mouth. The butter, usually a supporting role in sweets, is the star here, providing a rich, savory texture and flavor that supports the deliciousness of the dessert.


The main ingredients of the Butter Butler are European fermented butter, Guerande salt from France, and maple syrup from Quebec, Canada. These ingredients are carefully selected to bring out the best in butter, creating a dessert that is both delicious and unique.

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Customer Reviews

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Thierry Parent

This Buter butler food item is exquisite. Truely unique. Makes for a perfect gift, or a treat that is to be savored.


I bought this to give out at work.
Everyone really enjoyed them.




After all, when you open the bag, you can smell the buttery flavor and taste the buttery goodness that overflows into your mouth.
Nothing can replace the feeling of satisfaction and euphoria you get when you eat one.
I would like to match it with a cup of delicious black tea.

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