"WAFÚÚ.COM" is operated by Qrestia Inc, a Japanese company established in 2016, which operates various e-commerce sites around the world to achieve its mission of "bringing the best of Japan to the world".

At WAFUU, we are dedicated to offering a curated selection of the finest Japanese products to customers around the world.

As we continue to refine the user experience, several future upgrades are planned to make the platform more user-friendly. "We have always aimed to build a bridge between Japan " says CEO FUKADA HIDEMASA,

Before pivoting to its current e-commerce model, WAFUU.COM was engaged in a business that actively utilized web marketing. This well-honed expertise and experience have been seamlessly transitioned into their new venture in cross-border e-commerce. Product selection is backed by comprehensive market research and AI technology, taking into account both global and local Japanese trends as well as online and offline purchasing data. Building on previous experience with multi-language business operations, the company has also accelerated its multi-language support, making Japanese products more accessible than ever. This multi-faceted approach ensures a product lineup that resonates with a diverse customer base.

As an e-commerce platform headquartered in the fashionable and innovative city of Shibuya, Tokyo, we have established a reputation for excellence and have received orders from customers globally. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in every product we carefully select and sell.

We invite you to experience Japan's unique charm and craftsmanship with us, with the convenience of worldwide shipping at your fingertips.

QRESTIA Inc is a global company creating world-wide business
by combining the advanced IT technology and sophisticated Web marketing insight.Our passion is to develop business on a global scale from an international perspective.

We manage media by making full use of automatic system technology and statistics. We regard not only domestic but the world as one enormous market.


Inspired by to 'Quest', 'Crest', and 'Quality','Frontier'.
We develop our business in high standard Quality which lead the team to the crest of industry.
And we wish our team members and clients to Quest their thoughts ant enjoy their lives.