Zojirushi Small Capacity Microcomputer Rice Cooker 3-cup Black NL-BD05-BA 100V

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Small capacity 3 cups cooking.Continuously cooks over high heat to cook fluffy rice. High-heat boiling" that keeps cooking at high heat & high power 495W (max. power)The heat power is...
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Small capacity 3 cups cooking.
Continuously cooks over high heat to cook fluffy rice.

High-heat boiling" that keeps cooking at high heat & high power 495W (max. power)

The heat power is raised at once during the middle pappa process when cooking rice, and remains high during the boiling process (average power: approx. 290W *1), creating a strong convection current. This reduces unevenness in cooking and produces rice that is fluffy to the core.

Fluffy and Delicious "Full Surface Heating" with Lid Heater

The heaters on the top lid, sides, and bottom of the pot envelop the entire pot to cook rice fluffy to the core.
During steaming, the heaters on the bottom of the pot and the top lid suppress dewiness that can cause rice to become soggy, resulting in crispy rice cooking.

Wide and shallow shape for easy heat transfer to the sides
Thick black pot (2.5 mm)

Other Features
Large steam outlet" to reduce spillage
Bread (fermentation and baking)" menu for enjoying homemade bread from fermentation to baking
This menu allows you to choose between fermentation and baking. Round bread and melon bread can be made.
Washable inner lid" for quick cleaning
The inner lid can be removed and washed, so it is always clean.
Cleaning" function is convenient when you are concerned about the smell of cooked rice.
If you are concerned about residual odors in the inner pot, such as after cooking cooked rice, the cleaning function can be used to reduce residual odors. After that, simply perform normal maintenance.
Equipped with a "standing rice scoop
A standing ladle is provided so that you do not have to worry about where to put the ladle.

Part No. NL-BD05
Suggested retail price Open
Rice cooking capacity (L of white rice) 0.09-0.54 (0.5-3 cups)
Maximum rice cooking capacity category

Other than electromagnetic induction heating method (IH)
0.54L or more but less than 0.99L
Power consumption when cooking rice (W) 495
Energy consumption when cooking rice per time (Wh)*1 93.7
Energy consumption when keeping warm per hour (Wh)*1 9.37
Dimensions W x D x H (approx. cm) 23.5 x 32.5 x 19.5
Height with lid open (approx. cm) 36.5
Weight (approx. kg) 2.7


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