YAMAHA MG06 6-Input Compact Stereo Mixer

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First 6-channel model in the MG series. Stand mount is available as an option. Recommended for sub-mixer and monitor use.Type:Analog mixerNumber of monaural channels: 2Stereo channels: 2EQ: 2-band (mono channels...
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First 6-channel model in the MG series. Stand mount is available as an option. Recommended for sub-mixer and monitor use.
Type:Analog mixer
Number of monaural channels: 2
Stereo channels: 2
EQ: 2-band (mono channels only)
■AUX: -
Group (bus): -
Digital effects: -
Dimensions (W x H x D): 149W x 62H x 202D mm
Weight: 0.9 kg

Maximum 2Mic / 6Line inputs (2 mono + 2 stereo)
D-PRE" microphone preamplifier
+48V phantom power supply
Metal chassis

◆D-PRE (D-PRE Discrete Class-A Microphone Preamp)
It is the microphone preamplifier, the gateway to sound, that determines the total sound quality and suggests the direction of the mix, and it is there that the utmost effort should be focused. The D-PRE discrete Class-A microphone preamplifier was created for this purpose. This premium microphone preamplifier, developed by Yamaha for high-end recording equipment, is also equipped in the MGP series mixing consoles and has been highly acclaimed by engineers in various fields for its sound quality. The secret of its superior sound lies in its circuit design: the D-PRE mic preamp uses an inverted Darlington circuit, which has been used in high-end audio amplifiers, in a multi-stage configuration of amplification elements to achieve high current and low impedance. As a result, the sound is based on a smooth texture with bounce and luster in the mid and low frequencies, and a fat, natural openness and air can be felt. The D-PRE is carefully tuned to reproduce the "original sound" with high quality and "true to life" characteristics.

The key to high-quality sound lies in the operational amplifier.
In developing the MG series, we developed a new high-quality custom-made op-amp "MG01". While most op-amps in the world focus on electrical characteristics and efficiency, the MG01 op-amp was created with an emphasis on "sound quality" first. The MG01 op amp was developed with confidence by optimizing the internal components and wiring, and carefully examining materials such as high-quality silicon wafers and copper wires that exhibit superior characteristics.

Monaural input channel for maximum use of ◆ channels
The monaural input is equipped with Neutrik combo jacks, renowned for their high quality, allowing both microphone and line-level signals to be input. A 26 dB pad is also provided for sources with higher volume levels. Standard XLR jacks are also provided on the MG12 or higher stereo line inputs for full channel utilization.

◆Output channels with flexible output configurations
Although smaller models tend to omit the main XLR out, all models are equipped with XLR and phone jacks.

◆Metal chassis boasts its robustness
The powder-coated metal chassis provides enhanced shock resistance and boasts unprecedented durability. The smart form design provides optimal convection cooling, and the internal layout not only thoroughly eliminates the effects of noise by separating the power circuit from the analog circuit, but also contributes to extending the life of internal components. Furthermore, the position of the knobs has been carefully designed to absorb damage to the internal circuit boards by dispersing the impact on the knobs to the panel surface.

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