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Svelty Smart Bacteria 120

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Let's "live with bacteria" with "Smart Bacteria".Smart Lactobacillus + CatechinSmart Lactobacillus + CatechinPatented Bifidobacteria "B3"A daily supply contains 130 billion concentrated lactobacilli (equivalent to 13 yogurts)Width 93mm x Depth 40mm...
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Let's "live with bacteria" with "Smart Bacteria".Smart Lactobacillus + Catechin
Smart Lactobacillus + CatechinPatented Bifidobacteria "B3"
A daily supply contains 130 billion concentrated lactobacilli (equivalent to 13 yogurts)
Width 93mm x Depth 40mm x Height 155mm
Country of origin:Japan

Contents:36g (300mg x 120 capsules)
CaloriesCalories: (per 4 capsules) Energy 4.34kcal.

>ProductsContains carefully selected and carefully selected bacteria and traditional herbs. For a smart and beautiful body.Three key points(1)Smart Lactic Acid Bacteria(R) + Catechins(2)Contains patented Bifidobacterium bifidum "B3".(3)Contains 130 billion concentrated lactic acid bacteria per dayCautions for usePregnant or lactating mothers and children should refrain from taking this product. If you are under medication in a hospital or hospitalized please consult your doctor before consumption. After opening the package please close the package tightly and consume it as soon as possible. Please keep a balanced diet based on staple foods main dishes and side dishes.IngredientsDextrin (manufactured in Japan) Kidachi Aloe extract powder Enoki powder Fermented black tea extract powder Fermented plant extract powder (contains soybean orange kiwi fruit banana peach yam apple) Green tea extract powder Fructo-oligosaccharide Lactic acid bacteria (sterilized) Red yeast rice Lactic acid bacteria Natto powder Senna stem extract powder Onion extract powder Dokudami extract powder Astragalus membranaceus extract powder Yeast extract powder Yeast extract powder onion extract dokudami extract adlay extract ebisugusa extract nanban hair grain fermentation extract (including wheat) yeast extract yerba mate extract mulberry leaf extract lactic acid bacteria freeze-dried powder dried bifidobacteria powder lactose glucose lactic acid bacteria (spore lactic acid bacteria) powdered cellulose sulfuric acid ester Mg sucrose fatty acid ester silicon dioxide V.C lactoferrin (from milk) V.E niacin glucose oxidase lactoperoxidase (from milk) pantothenic acid Ca V.B1 V.B6 V.B2 V.A folic acid V.D V.B12 Nutrition Facts 4 tablets (1.2g) per 4 capsules (1.2g): Energy 4.34kcal Protein 0.06g Fat 0.02g Carbohydrate 0.96g Salt equivalent 0.01g

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