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Zero: Mask of the Moon" is the fourth title in the "Zero" series, originally released for the Wii in 2008.Following the remastered version of "Zero: Nurekasuno Miko" released in October...
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Zero: Mask of the Moon" is the fourth title in the "Zero" series, originally released for the Wii in 2008.
Following the remastered version of "Zero: Nurekasuno Miko" released in October 2021, this masterpiece of the "Zero" series will be revived once again with upgraded and beautiful graphics.

The girls who were hidden by the gods on the isolated island of "Oborogetsujima" during a festival in their childhood visit the island again in search of their lost memories.
Relying on the "Shaeiki," a camera that captures and seals impossible objects, and the faint light of a flashlight, they explore various locations, fending off the ghosts that attack them, and closing in on the truth.

The "projector," an old camera that has the power to repel and contain grudge spirits by shooting them, is an important item indispensable to this work.
In battle with spirits, you can damage them by holding up the "projector" and capturing them in the viewfinder and shooting them.
The "Projector" also plays a major role in the search for the key to solve a mystery by using its special power to project the key when shooting a suspicious location. Sometimes, unexpected things are projected...

Exploring Oborogetsu Island
The island's dimly lit Western-style buildings and abandoned hospital are explored by moonlight and flashlight.
The story also progresses by "touching" things of interest in various places.
The story unfolds by "touching" things of interest in various locations. Newspaper articles and memos from the past help the protagonist to unravel his lost memories, such as the past of an abominable incident, and to get closer to the truth.
You may feel a "chill" when you reach out your hand...

Improved Graphics
The main character models have been newly created for this title, and the movies in which the characters appear have also been brushed up.
In addition, the graphics have been made higher resolution to match the platform. Shadows and light from flashlights have been improved and made more realistic, allowing players to experience an even more realistic sense of terror.

Addition of "Photo Mode
A "Photo Mode" will be added that allows users to pose and position characters and spirits and take screen photos. You can create your own situations in the places you were scared of in the game.
Perhaps you will be able to take an unexpected ghost photo.

New Costumes
The lineup of some costumes from the original version has been changed and new outfits have been prepared. By changing the character's costume, you can enjoy exploring in a different atmosphere.

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