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The seasoning "HORINI-SHI" from Orange Outdoor Shop in Wakayama, Japan, has become a hot topic among outdoor users. Using spices is a shortcut to good cooking.Here's the key!Special blend of...
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The seasoning "HORINI-SHI" from Orange Outdoor Shop in Wakayama, Japan, has become a hot topic among outdoor users. Using spices is a shortcut to good cooking.

Here's the key!
Special blend of over 20 spices and seasonings!
It is an all-purpose spice seasoning that is sure to be a big hit in home cooking as well as outdoor and BBQ cooking, including meat, fish, vegetables, etc.!

What does it taste like?
Mr. Horinishi, the talented manager of the outdoor store Orange, who has training at a restaurant, has been searching for an all-in-one spice that suits all waves of outdoor meat dishes, and has perfected this product.
This is a special blend of spices that he arrived at after many years of research.
The spices are harmoniously blended with Japanese flavors such as Shioya soy sauce, and accented with flavorful garlic. In addition, millepore powder, which is also used in French cuisine, brings out the flavor of the ingredients even more.
Not only for outdoor cooking, but also for home cooking, this is one that won't stop your appetite!

Details: [Ingredients] salt (manufactured in Japan, USA, Germany), garlic, black pepper, powdered soy sauce, red pepper, red bell pepper, chenpi, coriander, millepore powder, vegetable oil and fat, chicken seasoning, parsley, paprika, onion, ginger, basil, oregano, marjoram Rosemary, laurel, celery seed, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), phosphoric acid Ca, (some parts include wheat, soybeans, chicken, pork)
Contents] 100g
Nutrition Facts (per 100g, estimated value)
Calorific value: 206 kcal
Fat: 2.8g
Salt equivalent: 46.3g
Storage Method
Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.
Prolonged exposure to light or sunlight may cause discoloration. (No problem with quality).
When storing, avoid high temperature and high humidity as much as possible, and store in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place with little temperature difference.
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Customer Reviews

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与田祐希 (United States)
I just learned about this today

In episode 464 of Nogizaka Kojichuu the members prepare their favourite late night munchies; in the course of presenting hers, one member mentions having recently gotten hooked on Horinishi, and the hosts respond enthusiastically. I find it curious that I'd not heard of it before, considering how popular it seems and how hard it must be to break into the mostly centuries-old pantheon of Japanese seasonings and toppings like furikake, shichimi, sansho, and chirimenjako.

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Junji Hirano

This spice seasoning is amazing. I learned about it from a Japanese cooking show on Youtube and Its phenomenal to use on any protein from shrimp to steak. The flavors are amazing!

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