OCTOPATH TRAVELER II Original Soundtrack

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Product DescriptionContents6CDContentsDisc1OCTOPATH TRAVELERⅡ Main ThemeMain Theme -NightTheme of Hunter Oshutto4. Theme of Casty the Medicine Man5. Thief Sorone's Theme6. Scholar Osvaldo Theme7. Theme of Partetio the Merchant8. Theme of Agnea...
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Product Description

Main Theme -Night
Theme of Hunter Oshutto
4. Theme of Casty the Medicine Man
5. Thief Sorone's Theme
6. Scholar Osvaldo Theme
7. Theme of Partetio the Merchant
8. Theme of Agnea the Dancer
9. Theme of Priest Temenos
10. Theme of Hikari the Swordsman
11.Toto Haha Island
12.Totohaha Island -Night
Harbor Land Area
Harborland -Night- 14.
Brightland Region
Brightland Region -night
Winterland Region
18.Winterland Region -night
19.Wildland Region
Wildland -Night- 20.

1.Liefland Region
2.Liefland Region -Night
Crestland Region
4.Crestland Region -Night- Disc3
Hinoeuma Region
Hinoeuma Region -Night
The Great Sea of Parting
The Great Sea of Division -Night
9. Old Village of Beasts and Monsters
The Old Village of Beasts and Monkeys -Night
Drunken Everyday Life
Tidal Wave Town
Tidal Wave Town -Night- 13.
14.Utsuro na kioku
Gorgeous City
Gorgeous City -Night
18.Melody of Relentless
19.cold land without hope
20.land of extreme cold without hope -night
21.creaking heart
22.A little rest

1.Dark cave
Normal battle 1
3. Fanfare of Victory
Requiem of Defeat
Catlin's Theme
6.Withered Town Oarslash
7.Withered Town of Oarsrush -Night
8.Oarslush, the Pioneer Town
9.Oarslash -Night
11.idyllic cropdale
Tranquil Klopdale -Night
Departure Song
14.old days
Torch Town Flame Church
Torch Township Flame Church -Night
17.This is my job
18.Vermilion Evening Sunshine
19.Vermilion Lanterns in the Country of the Evening Sun -Night
20.Wind Flying, Battlefield
21.Silent Underground Passage
22. Decisive battle 1

Normal battle 2
Secret Paradise Trop Hop
3.Secret Paradise Trop Hop -Night
Steam Pulse Rock Island
Steam Pulse Rock Island -Night
6. fire haste
7. abandoned capital
Abandoned Capital -Night
9. falling snow white town/village
10.falling snow white town/village -night
11.sorrow overflows
12.ethereal forest
14.decisive battle 2
15.The village where the canyon closes
16.The village where the canyon closes -night
17.Green wind in the capital
18. green wind in the capital -night
19. hope
City of wisdom and art
City of Wisdom and Art -Night

Ocean Battle
2.Ruins of Eternity
3.Pushing Back
4.The village is where the sand goes
5.The village is where the sand goes -night
6. Dwelling Place of Karma
7. Torrent of Evil
8.Normal Battle 3
Fierce battle
10.Unshakable Determination
11.For each future
12.Densetsu no Owari, Densetsu no Owari
13.arrive,the end of memory
14. Leading to the end of freedom
15.Leading to the end of revenge
16.DOCTAL DOCTOR: The End of Happiness
17. Kibo no uta
18. YUDEN, the end of truth
19. Done, the end of the high road

1.Seeking the legend
2. in search of memory
3. Seeking Freedom
4.Seeking revenge
5. in search of happiness
6. in search of hope
7. Seeking the truth
8. seeking the high road
9. deep night
10.Invitation to Darkness
11.Awakening of the Night
12.Vide, God of Darkness
13.Those who seek tomorrow
14. Those Who Do Not Want Tomorrow
15.Ending Theme
17.Journey to Tomorrow
Catlin's Theme -Piano ver.
Catlin's Theme -Guitar ver.
Catlin's Theme -Violin ver.
21.Shukyoku -Light of the Heart
22.Gil's ad lib
23.Dedicate all to you
24.Seeking for applause
25.Kibo no uta -Piano Solo-
26.The One Who Came from the Other World
27.To the travelers

The soundtrack of "OCTOPATH TRAVELER II" is now available!

A new continent, a new story woven by eight new travelers. A collection of songs with heroic melodies to color their adventures.

The original soundtrack of "OCTOPATH TRAVELER II," the new RPG in the "Octopath Traveler" series, which was released in 2018 and has shipped + downloaded more than 3 million copies worldwide, is now available.
"The music that colors the fantastic "HD-2D" world, a fusion of 3DCG and old-fashioned "dot pictures," will be presented in a large 6-CD set.
The included booklet features a dialogue between composer Yasutomo Nishiki, director Tsugisuke Miyauchi (Acquire Inc.), and producer Shinji Takahashi. The passionate discussion between the three about music production is a must-see for fans of the series.
The jacket illustration is newly drawn by Naoki Ikushima, who is in charge of character design.
We hope you will enjoy the many brave songs created by Yasutomo Nishiki.
Orders ship within 2 to 5 business days.
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