Itoh Kanpo Seiyaku Kampo-Ya-no-Made Kuro Oolong Tea 42 packets

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Product Size (W x D x H):165mm x 60mm x 295mmCountry of origin:ChinaContent quantity:42 packetsBrand name: Ido Kampo Pharmaceutical Co.Brand Name: Ido Kampo PharmaceuticalsManufacturer: Ido Kampo SeiyakuIf you are interested...
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Product Size (W x D x H):165mm x 60mm x 295mm
Country of origin:China

Content quantity:42 packets

Brand name: Ido Kampo Pharmaceutical Co.Brand Name: Ido Kampo Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturer: Ido Kampo Seiyaku

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ProductsThis product is made from 100% oolong tea (narcissus species) from Fujian Province, China, and has a refreshing and delicious taste.It is perfect for oily dishes such as fried or stir-fried food, but we hope you will also use it on your regular dinner table and for the health of your whole family.How to useAdjust the amount of water and boiling time to your liking.[For kettle]1Place 1 teabag in 800mL of boiling water.2Boil well over low heat for 10 minutes.3Remove the tea bag.4After removing the heat, you can cool the tea in the refrigerator.[In case of using a teapot]1Put 1 tea bag in a teapot and pour hot water.2When the appropriate color and aroma appear, drink the tea.[When brewed in water]1Put 2 tea bags in a water pot and pour 1 liter of water.2Place the tea bags in the refrigerator overnight (approx. 8 hours), remove the tea bags, and drink the tea. Adjust the infusion time according to your taste. 8 hours approx.Remove the tea bags before drinking.If you wish to store the tea, be sure to store it in the refrigerator and drink it on the same day.Cautions for useIn rare cases, there may be people whose constitution does not suit the product.If you are taking medication or visiting the hospital, please consult with your doctor before taking this product.Please maintain a good balance in your diet based on a staple meal, main dishes, and side dishes. If you have food allergies, please check the names of ingredients.Taste, color and aroma may vary slightly, but there is no problem with quality.After opening the package, close the mouth of the bag tightly to prevent moisture and insects.Keep out of reach of infants.IngredientsOolong tea (narcissus)
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