Tiger Bottle Coca-Cola Collaboration Design MTA-T08KRC Stainless Steel Bottle

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Product sizeMain body: (approx.) 10.5 cm (W)×7.5 cm (D)×29.3 cm (H)Main unit weight: Approx. 380gColor: Coke redBody weight: approx. 380gColor: Coke redIndividual box size (approx.)(cm):10.3 x 7.8 x 29.9 (W...
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Product sizeMain body: (approx.) 10.5 cm (W)×7.5 cm (D)×29.3 cm (H)
Main unit weight: Approx. 380g

Color: Coke red

Body weight: approx. 380g
Color: Coke red
Individual box size (approx.)(cm):10.3 x 7.8 x 29.9 (W x D x H)

Country of origin: Vietnam

Coca-Cola Collaboration Design Carbonated Bottle 【Carbonated Water Bottle】 Employs our original BubbleLogic design with a "gas venting structure" that prevents carbon dioxide gas from spurting out and makes it easy to open, and a "safety valve" that responds to increased internal pressure. The BubbleLogic system prevents spurts and spattering, allowing you to carry cold, fresh carbonated beverages with you. Safety device to release pressure】 ・When the internal pressure inside the bottle increases, a safety valve is activated to release the pressure inside the bottle, preventing the cap from flying off and the contents from spurting out. The smooth and shiny Super Clean Plus Plus finish on the inner surface of the bottle prevents carbonation from evaporating more quickly than bottles with uneven inner surfaces. The bottle also prevents condensation as it keeps the bottle cooler than a plastic bottle at room temperature. In response to the increasing need for hygiene in recent years, the drinking spout and strap have been treated with an antibacterial finish so that they can be used with peace of mind even when away from home. The drinking spout has been certified by SIAA (Society of Industrial Antimicrobial Articles Association). The drinking spout can be removed for easy cleaning. The drinking spout can be removed for easy cleaning, and the main body can be washed in its entirety to keep it clean.
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