CASIO PRO TREK PRW-31YT-7JF Solar Atomic Radio Titanium Band Digital Men's Watch

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set includes: main unit, box, instruction manual, warranty card included in the instruction manual.Waterproofing specifications: 10 atmospheric pressure waterproofingAzimuth measurementBarometric pressure and altimeterThermometerThe compact digital model PRW-30 with sapphire glass...
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set includes: main unit, box, instruction manual, warranty card included in the instruction manual
.Waterproofing specifications: 10 atmospheric pressure waterproofing
Azimuth measurement
Barometric pressure and altimeter

The compact digital model PRW-30 with sapphire glass and titanium band is a lineup of compact, high-visibility models from PRO TREK, a genuine outdoor watch brand. The sapphire glass is deposited with a deep blue color to create the "K2 Blue" azurite granite found at the foot of the K2* (8깃m) mountain range, the world's second highest mountain range. The buttons are also accented in blue, creating a design that evokes the grandeur of nature befitting the Climber line. The titanium band and stainless steel bezel are treated with titanium carbide, which excels in abrasion resistance, and together with the scratch-resistant sapphire glass, the watch is designed to withstand hard use in outdoor scenes. The watch also features a three-fold locking clasp to prevent the watch from coming off the wrist, making it an easy-to-use outdoor watch. The watch is equipped with a triple sensor that detects and measures ever-changing natural phenomena, as well as a tough solar system that charges even under the slightest light from a fluorescent lamp, ensuring a stable drive. It is also equipped with the practicality of Multi Band 6, which is compatible with the standard radio waves of six stations around the world. This model incorporates the brand's originality into its unique CMF (color/material/finish) and pursues the finishing touches as a watch with natural phenomena as its design theme.Tough Solar (solar recharging system)10 atmospheric pressure waterproofingRadio wave reception function: Automatic reception (up to 6 times/day ()Chinese radio wave up to 5 times/day) / manual reception,
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