Casio Watch G-Shock Diver's Watch FROGMAN Radio Wave Solar GWF-1000-1JF Black

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subject:Men's.Allergy Resistance Check : Not confirmed by manufacturer or may not be suitable for allergy sufferers. Country of Origin:JapanWater resistance : Water resistant to 200m.Case size: 58.3mm x 52.8mmMoon data...
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.Allergy Resistance Check : Not confirmed by manufacturer or may not be suitable for allergy sufferers.
Country of Origin:Japan

Water resistance : Water resistant to 200m
.Case size: 58.3mm x 52.8mm
Moon data for moon age
Calendar function
Calendar functionCalendar function
Digital dial
Radio wave reception function

Product introductionFrom the Master of G series, which specializes in functions designed for use in harsh environments, FROGMAN, which specializes in waterproof performance, is now available as a solar radio-controlled watch.With a newly developed receiver antenna and metal case, the watch is water resistant to ISO-standard 200m diving and can receive standard radio waves from six stations around the world. Furthermore, the watch is equipped with 10 log data memories, a fast-computing tide graph, and a high-precision moon data function. The stopwatch control buttons, which are frequently used during diving, have been enlarged to allow operation even underwater. The backlight is a fully automatic EL light, which emits a brilliant light on the LCD simply by tilting the arm while diving. The protection cover covering the case from the back, band, and bezel are fixed with screws from the side to improve shock resistance, and the band is designed to be comfortable to wear by eliminating unnecessary irregularities. The band is designed to be comfortable to wear by eliminating unnecessary bumps and dents. As an authentic diver's watch that can be used in the world's oceans, it is equipped with many practical functions.The band is designed with attention to detail and texture, and expresses a sense of fearlessness in its massive design. The front screws on the top of the bezel are made of machined stainless steel, and the edges of the circular display on the dial are made of machined high-brightness aluminum. The screw-back metal case is DLC treated and finished with a mirror finish. Equipped with the latest technology, the New FROGMAN from the Master of G series is practical and high quality, able to withstand harsh use in the sea.Multi-band 6 that receives and corrects the time according to the standard radio waves of 6 stations around the world (2 stations in Japan, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany).Tough SolarISO-standard 200m submersible water resistanceTide graph for tide information in a set areaMoon data that shows the age of the moon in a set areaScrew-back metal case with DLC treatment to enhance wear resistance Brand IntroductionG-SHOCK has established a new concept of toughness in watches. It all started with the developer's passionate belief in creating a watch that would not break even if dropped, a challenge that defied the common sense of the time and could be called reckless. 200+ prototypes were repeated, and after 2 years of work, the shock-resistant structure was completed. This was the birth of the technology at the heart of G-Shock's toughness. Since then, G-SHOCK has continued to evolve without end. Structure, materials, and functions. In pursuit of even tougher watches from every aspect.
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