Asai Shoten original seamless aluminum tall chiffon cake mold 14cm silver

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Asai Shoten Original Tall chiffon with 3 eggs Smaller and smarter than the 17cm tall chiffon moldMaterial: Aluminum with anodized aluminumInternal dimensions: approx. 144 (128) x H103mm External dimensions: approx....
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Asai Shoten Original Tall chiffon with 3 eggs Smaller and smarter than the 17cm tall chiffon mold

Material: Aluminum with anodized aluminum
Internal dimensions: approx. 144 (128) x H103mm External dimensions: approx. 157 (131) x H137mm
Maximum height with chimney set: approx. 137mm
This is a commercial product and will be packaged in plastic. There may be scratches and scuffs from manufacturing and shipping packaging, but they do not affect its use. We ask for your understanding and acceptance prior to purchase.

■We have received many requests for a tall chiffon cake mold (14cm size), and we have finally produced our original product and released it!It is a little smaller than the popular chiffon mold [Asai Shoten's original development *Aluminum Tall Chiffon Cake Mold 17cm], and the height is still 10cm!It looks even sleeker than the 17cm tall chiffon cake mold, and is now a convenient, ready-to-eat size that is just right for "using up 3 eggs" or so!This new tall chiffon mold is recommended for small groups or as a gift.All 14cm tall chiffon molds are stamped with "Asai Shoten" on the bottom as proof of the quality of our original development and production.The height of the 14cm tall chiffon mold is about 10cm, the same as the 17cm tall chiffon mold. Please note the height in the oven just to be safe.Recipe for using up to 3 eggs.Features of the aluminum chiffon cake mold with no jointsThe aluminum construction provides good heat conduction and ensures even heat distribution, resulting in a beautifully fluffy cake.It is safe and secure when cooling upside down.The chimney is made by pressing and bending a single sheet of plate to fit the original shape, not by welding.The base of the chimney is not bent at a sharp angle, but is squeezed so smoothly that it is not visible, so the thickness of the plate does not become thin and weak in that area.The back side of the chimney is edge-folded, eliminating the risk of injury when cleaning, etc., and increasing the strength of the body!Handling and other precautionsNo need to bake the pot.After use, wash and dry well before storing.If stains stick to the surface, soak it in water for a while and then scrub it with an acrylic scrubber or sponge to remove the stains.The product is packaged in vinyl for professional use, so there may be some scratches.Please be careful not to touch the sharp edges and corners of the metal to avoid accidentally cutting your hands when cleaning.This product is for professional use.There may be scratches and scuffs from manufacturing and packaging, but they do not affect the use of the product.Also, because this is a commercial product, it will be packaged in vinyl.We offer this product at a low price because it is a business-use product.We are sorry, but we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to scratches or other defects.Please understand and agree to the above before purchasing.
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