Asai Shoten 1 loaf of ideal bread mold as close as possible to ideal bread Japan

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Bread Molds / Baking Items Basic Bread Baking Molds! Material: AltiteMaterial: Altite Country of OriginJapanInterior DimensionsSizeInner dimensions approx. 135(130)x120(115)xh130mmApproximate weight of powder: 280g or so, capacity: approx. 2070ml This is a...
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Bread Molds / Baking Items Basic Bread Baking Molds! 
Material: AltiteMaterial: Altite Country of OriginJapan
Interior DimensionsSizeInner dimensions approx. 135(130)x120(115)xh130mm
Approximate weight of powder: 280g or so, capacity: approx. 2070ml
This is a product for professional use only.Since this is a product for professional use, there are press marks from the manufacturing process and scratches on top of each other during delivery. It will not affect the use of the product.

This is a bread mold originally developed by Asai Shoten's prototype team in pursuit of "the size of a loaf of commercial bread," which could not be achieved with conventional bread molds. The length of each side was set to allow for natural shrinkage after baking, and the balance of height and shape as a sliced loaf was also taken into consideration. The height is 13 cm, which is slightly high. Please be sure to check the height of your oven, and the properties and quantity of flour and recipes when baking with the lid off. ■How to use When using the oven for the first time, wash it with a mild detergent to remove dirt and machine oil, and be sure to air-bake it. Baking method (1) Bake at 170°C for 20~30 minutes without coating the mold. (2)After cooling, apply a thin layer of shortening or spray oil and bake at 220~240℃ for 15~20 minutes. Repeat 2 or 3 times for more safety. *Please apply shortening or spray oil before each use. ■Care Instructions After use, wipe off any dirt and store in a dry place. If the product is very dirty, wash it with a mild detergent, wipe it dry immediately, and dry it completely in the residual heat of the oven or other place. ■Precautions Products made of steel (including those with plating or steel under the surface finish) may rust from unprocessed parts such as the edges of the mold or scratches on the surface. Rusting is likely to occur if the product is left for a long time without being wiped immediately after rinsing, or if the product is used with a lot of water or liquid. Please be careful. Tinplate Altaite Alstar Gilua should not normally be washed with detergent, but rather wiped lightly clean, as the oil adhering to it will be absorbed and the mold will release. When not in use for a long period of time, it is recommended to wash them well with detergent and store them in the oven to dry thoroughly. This product is for professional use. It may have some scuffs and scratches from manufacturing and packaging, but these will not affect its usability. Also, because this is a commercial product, it will be packaged in vinyl. We offer this product at a low price because it is a business-use product. We are sorry, but we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to scratches or other defects. Please understand and agree to the above before purchasing.
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