ARTISTIC&CO. Dr.Arrivo ZeusⅡ"Athena Rose" Beauty Equipment RF EMS LED UP MFIP JP

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It highlights women as single flower, and peace of mind is what also blooms in its place.The latest model of "Dr.Arrivo" series."9-MFIP" of patented function This refers to those 16...
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It highlights women as single flower, and peace of mind is what also blooms in its place.

The latest model of "Dr.Arrivo" series.

"9-MFIP" of patented function This refers to those 16 spins that are derived from elemental units within each. Intermingling the patterns and complexity of its skin structure on Hari.

Equipped with a new "RF" function from ZeusⅡ, warmed gently the skin by high-frequency current of 200kHz, to promote the flow of blood and lymph, it prompts the metabolism.

Realistic facial expressions are possible with free movement heads from 3D Movable Head. This permits all human faces the touch of the softest and the closest contact, we progressively built the 24 gold elements.

9-MFIP® [Nine M F IPD]

[ Activation of the muscle by the MFIP®]

And at the same time warm the skin in 9MFIP®, by repeating the contraction of facial muscles by the pace at which the current, to achieve an ideal muscle movement.

ULTRA PULSE® [Ultra pulse]

The input pulse of direct synthesis method has broadband and conduction at the same time too.


Face is cold easy to part with the part that touches the most open air, even in the body. The flow of 200 kHz of energy onto the forehead. It has an effect of a pleasant warm feeling of healthy skin contact.


Weak alternating current repeatedly flows between the 9-pole of the device, it will cause the microwave.

The soft waves will serve as facial massage to the muscles.


In treatment by the wavelength of light, and supports making healthy skin.

24KEp element


Affinity with the skin is the most high, has undergone a surface processing in 24-karat gold.

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