Placeholder Shipping & Return – WAFUU JAPAN


'WAFUU' is a Japanese company owned by Qrestia Inc. that ships products from Japan to the rest of the world. 

Products will be delivered by e-packet, ECMS, FedEx, Joom logistic and EMS.
After confirming your payment, we will ship the products within 3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays).
It may take 4 to 7 days after delivery depending on the destination area. 

We ensure that our customers get the products they want.


If you wish to return an item after it has arrived, please contact us immediately within 7 days of receipt.
We accept returns under the following conditions: 1.
If the product is defective. 2.
2. if the product is different from the one you ordered
3. if the product is damaged in transit.

In case of return, the shipping cost must be paid by the buyer.

Note: Any additional charges, including import duties and taxes, must be paid by the buyer in accordance with the laws and regulations of the buyer's country.
Therefore, please be sure to check before purchasing.

All electrical appliances in Japan come with a warranty. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs during the warranty period, please contact us immediately and send the product to us.
Shipping costs must be paid by the buyer.

We are an international retailer and all products are shipped directly overseas. Cross-border products are for personal use only. In case of resale, the purchaser must pay additional taxes and perform inspection duties.

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