What is Sesamin?

Do you know sesamin, the hot word that natural ingredients have been attracting attention lately? is an ingredient made from sesame seeds, which is said to have a tremendous impact on the body;

it has antioxidant properties, improves liver function, and improves blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In sesame seeds, this sesamin is a rare component, with only 1% contained in an individual seed. sesamin can be taken in the body as a supplement. Generally, there are products from manufacturers of supplements in Japan, Some products have only sesamin, and others can be taken with other nutrients.

It is a supplement that is easy to take sesamin;When you compare the product, check how much sesamin it contains and how many of the other ingredients it contains.

Sesamin and other antioxidants suppress oxidation and glycation to prevent illness and aging, no matter what. To be healthy and not decline, you should take advantage of sesame’s antioxidant and antiglycation features. This is due to the rich antioxidant and antiglycation activity in sesame.

Sesamin and other antioxidants play a protective role, inhibiting oxidation and glycation that could lead to any disease or aging. To avoid deterioration and stay healthy you should capitalize on sesame’s antioxidant and antiglycation features. This is as a result of the fact that sesame seed has superior antioxidant and antiglycation activities.

Now, I’m going to zero in on sesamin, which is receiving a lot of press these days. Due to the fact that sesamin is absorbed by the human body, it exerts a normalizing effect on liver metabolism and has a high antioxidant activity. Now, there are more supplements on sale and some companies already have products whose names have sesamin inside for instance, so you may have heard of them at least once.

Suntory Wellness Sesamin EX 270 Capsules (90 days)

Suntory Wellness Sesamin EX

Amount of Sesamin: 10mg per 3 tablets per day

In addition to sesamin, it contains OryzaPlus, which regulates physical condition, and natural vitamin E and tocotrienol, which are useful for age beauty.


Rice germ oil (Japan domestically produced), sesamin / gelatin, vitamin E, glycerin, tocotrienol

■Nutrition Facts [per 3 capsules (1.11g)]
Calories/7.42kcal, Protein/0.35g, Fat/0.63g, Carbohydrate/0.03-0.15g, Salt equivalent/0-0.02g, Vitamin E/55.0mg, Sesamin/10mg, Tocotrienol/2mg

Dear-Natura Black Sesamin 60 capsules (30 days)

Dear-Natura Black Sesamin 60 capsules (30 days)

Amount of Sesamin per 2 tablets per day: 25mg

In addition to sesamin, this product contains vitamin E, zinc, fermented black garlic powder, maca extract powder, and selenium. The garlic used in this product is fermented and aged Japanese black garlic.


Black sesame oil (manufactured in Japan) Fermented black garlic powder Maca extract powder Black sesame extract powder Selenium-containing yeast powder Gelatin Glycerin V.E. acetate Zinc gluconate Bee's wax Emulsifier

■Nutrition Facts [per 2 capsules]

Calories/4.6kcal, Protein/0.25g, Fat/0.30g, Carbohydrate/0.22g, Salt equivalent/0-0.003g

Suntory Wellness DHA&EPA + Sesamin EX Omega-3 fatty acids 240 capsules (60 days)

In addition to sesamin, the product contains DHA, EPA, and omega-3. Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in bluefish, are found throughout the body, are necessary for good health, and affect thinking ability. omega-3 fatty acids are also found in bluefish and have beneficial effects on health. omega-3 fatty acids are found throughout the body, are necessary for good health, and affect thinking ability. omega-3 fatty acids are found in bluefish and are necessary for good health. omega-3 fatty acids are found throughout the body and have beneficial effects on thinking ability. sesamin that support "basic health power" at a time.


Purified fish oil containing DHA and EPA (manufactured in Japan), vegetable oil containing vitamin E, rice germ oil, sesamin/gelatin, glycerin, vitamin D

****■Nutrition Facts Label [per 4 capsules]****

calories/11.6kcal, protein/0.50g, fat/1.03g, carbohydrates/0.04-0.11g, salt equivalent/0-0.02g, vitamin E/55.0mg, vitamin D/5.0µg, DHA/300mg, EPA/100mg, DPA/15mg, sesamin/10mg

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